Boo-zin with Boo

When I chose to enter the world of e-commerce, I wanted to incorporate all my passions into one amazing opportunity. Now it’s time to include another and spirits. Each post will feature a wine, cocktail or other libation that will excite the palate and warm the soul. 

Recently I have been asked to use my skills for opportunities that have challenged me outside my comfort zone. Most recently I was asked to create an original cocktail for a trade expo. One of the companies I represent has a spice rum that seemed to me to be underrated. With a little research I chose to create a rif on a Hemingway Daiquiri. 

You may does this relate to fashion. Imagine the ocean and the palm trees wearing one of our amazing fashions and sipping on this delicious libation. The ingredients are spiced rum, maraschino liqueur, cream of coconut, lime juice and simple syrup. Combine ingredients, shake and enjoy. 

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