About us

Staci, co-owner and CEO of Zen BooTique, graduated from Purdue Universty in 1986 with a dream of owning her own boutique. After many life experiences, that dream is now a reality. Her life experiences have eventually led to a spiritual journey filled with love, peace and harmony. 

Her spiritual journey, love of pugs and support from Jay, her co-owner, inspired her to create a unique shopping experience centered on mind, body and spirit. 

Staci has ten years of women’s fashion and accessory experience that has given her extensive knowledge in merchandising, developed a concierge style of customer service and the art of personal styling. 

Zen BooTique was a collaborative inspiration of Boo, our pug, and her spiritual journey. Our fashions and accessories are intended to be classy, sophisticated and stylish for all facets of mind, body and spirit. 

We invite you to join in our journey to create balance and peace and have fun at the same time. A portion of all sales is donated to the Pug Club of America Rescue Fund.